How epower can crush any trail.

Picture this: you’re out on your favorite trail, surrounded by nature and feeling the thrill of the ride. But then, you come across a gnarly incline, one that would normally have you wheezing, cursing, and praying for a miracle. But this time, you're riding the PWR Dually XR e-bike, and things are about to change - big time.

With dual 500-watt hub motors, our flagship e-bike provides the support you need to tackle even the most brutal terrain with a grin on your face. Say goodbye to exhaustion and hello to electric power that sets your soul on fire! The PWR Dually XR is not your ordinary e-bike; it's designed for the most adventurous riders out there who want to push the limits of what's possible.

No more cutting your rides short or avoiding trails because you’re not confident in your ability to ride out and back. With a PWR e-bike, you can embrace off-road exploration like never before. The e-bike provides the boost you need to conquer hills and rough terrain with ease, giving you the freedom to explore farther and faster.

At PWR, we believe that you shouldn’t ever have to sacrifice the adventure you want because of a lack of time or physical ability. With electric power at your feet, you’ll get where you want to go faster, which means more time exploring and adventuring and less time wheezing, cursing, pushing, sweating, and praying for a miracle.

The PWR Dually XR e-bike is built to last and take on any challenge you throw at it. With a rugged aluminum frame and high-quality components, this e-bike is ready to handle anything you can dish out. The dual hub motors provide unmatched power and torque, giving you the ability to climb steep hills and navigate rocky terrain with ease.

But the PWR Dually XR e-bike is more than just a powerful machine. It's also designed with the rider in mind, with features like adjustable suspension and a comfortable saddle to ensure a smooth and enjoyable ride. And with the ability to switch between pedal-assist and full electric mode, you have complete control over your riding experience.

So why wait? If you're ready to take your adventures to the next level, check out the PWR online showroom and experience the power of e-bikes for yourself. The PWR Dually XR is waiting for you, ready to take you on the ride of a lifetime.

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