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Who We Are

At PWR, we're a crew of limit-pushing, mold-breaking, adventure-seeking outdoor enthusiasts. We love pushing ourselves to see how far we can go - and how much fun we can have getting there! 

Our team has dozens of years in the bicycle and outdoor industries. We've been-there-done-that when it comes to product development, manufacturing, retail, sales, and everything in between. 

Together, we're on a mission to provide unique e-powered outdoor products that enhance your outdoor experience.

We're guided by three principles:

Electrify your adventure.

Explore new areas // Reach new heights // Get home safe 

Experience the thrill of adventure without the limitations of time or physical endurance. 

Whether you're navigating challenging mountain biking trails, exploring a new kayaking route, or enjoying a leisurely paddle on your local lake, PWR will help you cover more ground and enjoy your favorite activities in new ways. 

Enjoy the freedom of long-range electric power wherever your next adventure takes you.

Escape the ordinary.

Ditch the crowds // Discover new places // Find peace 

Get away from the crowds and the concrete and find your own piece of nature. 

PWR is here to help you break free from the crowds and the routine. With our equipment, you can find serenity and adventure in places that others can't reach. No more fighting for parking spots at popular hiking trails, or paddling against the current to reach a secluded cove. 

Let PWR's electric power help you escape the ordinary and experience the beauty of the outdoors in a new way.

Expand your playground.

Break your routine // Experience more // Have more fun! 

With extended range comes expanded possibility. 

Whether you're looking to explore new waters, tackle more challenging terrain, or simply want to extend your time in nature, PWR's electric bikes, watercraft, and scooters will help you reach new heights and discover new adventures. 

You'll reach far out spots in comfort and have plenty of energy left over to explore when you get there.

It all started with the Dually.

The past few years we identified a gap in the ebike market. There were plenty of e-bikes built for a single purpose like commuting or mountain biking. But there were no capable bikes for the all-around outdoor adventure generalist. 

So, we spent the next X years developing and testing what would become The Dually: an off-road e-bike designed for outdoor generalists. 

With features like All-Wheel Drive and Traction Control, The Dually made for a truly epic outdoor e-bike.

That launch taught us something important.

What we learned after introducing the Dually was there is an entire community of outdoor enthusiasts looking for a more creative and exciting way to experience the outdoor places they enjoy. 

They wanted more access, more time outside, and a more physically comfortable experience. They wanted to go farther without wearing down their body on the way.

We pushed the limits and tried something new.

We committed to launching a complete range of products that would help any outdoor enthusiast, electrify their adventure, escape the ordinary, and expand their playground. 

The Roam escooter and the propulsion fins took PWR lineup from the trails to the streets and even the water.

There's so much more to get excited for.

Today, PWR continues to evolve. We continue to improve our products and develop exciting new ones. 

All with one goal: to help you push beyond your comfort zone and expand your outdoor playground.

PWR in action

When we say "Get Out There," we mean it. Check out how people all over the country are getting out there with PWR.

In our crowded world, finding “your spot” is harder than ever.

More people than ever are getting outside. 

Your favorite swimming holes, hunting spots, campsites, and sunset views are getting crowded. That means you have to forge your own path – somewhere others can’t get by car or foot. 

At PWR, we believe nothing should hold you back from adventuring on your terms. 

Everyone deserves access to quiet places where you can enjoy the beauty of the outdoors while doing what you love to do. 

Our line of e-powered bikes, scooters, and propulsion fins help you expand your playground for limitless adventure.

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