RidePWR launches RideSuperbolt


RidePWR, the home of unique electric assisted product, using technology to Electrify Your Adventure, Escape the Ordinary and Expand Your Playground, has announced the launch of its all-new Superbolt brand. The brand will be available through RideSuperbolt.com and motorsport dealers nationwide. Superbolt is designed to "Kickstart the Passion, Learn Sooner, Ride Safer," and it includes the launch of BB-16HS and BB-12 models of electric balance bikes.

Superbolt BB-16HS and BB-12 are electric balance bikes that offer a lighter and safer introduction to riding without compromising any of the thrill. Unlike a gas-powered dirt bike, Superbolt is lighter and less intimidating, making it an ideal option for kids as young as three.

Superbolt was created with the belief that waiting to start out on a dirt bike sets kids back. Instead, parents can get their kids on a Superbolt as young as three and watch their potential be realized sooner. The brand offers a safer alternative to traditional dirt bikes and encourages kids to develop their riding skills faster.

For adults who missed out on the opportunity to ride an electric balance bike growing up, Superbolt is the next best thing. Let your kids enjoy the thrill of the ride and join them with the all-new Superbolt brand.

"We are thrilled to launch the Superbolt brand, which offers a lighter and safer option for parents who want to introduce their kids to the world of riding," said a spokesperson for PWR Bike. "Superbolt was designed with parents in mind and offers a range of benefits, including faster development in creating a product that is more accessible and developmentally appropriate for the youngest moto sport lovers.”

Superbolt is now available through RideSuperbolt.com and motorsport dealers nationwide. To learn more about the brand, visit the website or contact us at info@RideSuperbolt.com.

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