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The power to explore new areas and summit new peaks.
Leave the crowds behind and find your own piece of nature.
With extended range, new terrain in within reach.

Find a New Comfort Zone

Push beyond previous limitations and find your new playground.

You Can’t Find Serenity by Car

We love the outdoors as much as anyone. We know how challenging it can be to find the time and energy to get there. The journey is fun, but sometimes getting to your playground takes more time than you can afford. More people than ever are getting outside and crowding those easy to reach spots that used to be great for a quick getaway. Don’t compromise your enjoyment of the journey with an inefficient, slow, and uncomfortable ride.

Electrify, Escape, and Expand

With PWR, nothing will hold you back from finding adventure on your own terms. Forge your own path to places others can’t reach by car, by foot, or using analog equipment. Electrify your adventure with our unique epowered adventure tools that are just as fun to ride as they are practical. Escape the ordinary methods of enjoying the outdoors that take you to the same old spots it seems everyone ends up. Expand your playground, push beyond your old limitations and find a new comfort zone.
PWR in Review
"Bought mine in august. I’ve put 1100 miles on it and still strong. I live in northwest Colorado. It was just -41 without wind chill and no trouble. I don’t pedal it, I go 2.6 miles at most. It’s as stable as 2 wheels can be on ice and snow. I put larger tires on it for the amount of snow I ride in. It’s been a phenomenal investment so far. It’s my main transportation. Definitely paid for itself and then some."

Rich W.

“Very impressed with the bike. Key to unlock the battery was missing from the box when it arrived. Contacted customer service and had the key delivered in a few days. Bought the bike back in June of 2022 and it has been great for scouting and hunting deer. Bought a cart for it and that thing has hauled out multiple deer through muddy fields with no problems. Also rode it through 8 inches of snow to get to my stand with ease. Wish it had a kick stand so I didn't have to lean it on a tree or lay it over. The ground and the rear connector likes to come loose when I ride across bumpy terrain but those are minor issues. Overall very impressed with the bike and company.”

Tyler P.

“As others have said. Great order and shipping process! Very easy to put together! I read the assembly instructions and watched the video which was a big help! It is SO fun to ride! I can relax and let the all wheel drive powerful motors do the work; or I can get a workout. I love to ride greenways, dirt trails, and single track. This bike will do it all! I’ve been using the PWR website to fit the bike up too. Great prices, ships the same day I order; and I feel if a product is on their website, then it must be good! I’ve always wanted to bike at Uwharrie national forest….. no excuses now! If you are thinking of getting one, just do it!”


“Nice fit and finish, powerful motors. It climbs these Vermont hills without help from this 80+ guy. I have gone 24 miles without me helping but takes 6+ hours to recharge battery. I probably should have gone with something a bit shorter because the bike is quite tall and I am about 5'10". It is fun to ride and so quiet. I have had lots of motorcycles but I like the quiet !”

Charles O.

“Overall a great tool, glad I bought it! I’m 145lbs and carry another ~20lbs in gear, I ride mostly downhill 9 miles to work then 9 miles uphill home. The battery makes it but is virtually toast after the 20 mile trek. I’m usually in the highest power setting and pedaling along with the motors.”


“Dually bike makes me confident riding on the slick snow and ice covered roads around central Oregon. I set it up with fenders and a rear rack and a basket makes it a nice commuter bike super fun to ride. Justin walked me through any questions I had great service”

Joe M.

Prepare For Your Next Adventure

Whether you’re looking to explore your local parks and trails systems or you’re heading to the backcountry to explore areas you’ve never set foot on before, PWR will support your effort. We have countless years of experience in the outdoor industry. Outdoor adventure is what we love and it’s who we are. We’re here to help you navigate the journey of electric powered adventure.