PWR Roam Scooter - COMING SOON!

PWR Roam Scooter: The Smooth Operator for Adventurous Riders
Electric Offroad Scooter
The PWR Roam scooter, available at, combines the speed, range, and versatility of an e-bike with the simplicity and convenience of a scooter. With its easy transition from walking to riding, ample cargo space, and powerful battery, the Roam is the ideal companion for outdoor enthusiasts seeking adventure. This article will delve into the features and benefits of the Roam, highlighting its performance, comfort, and practicality for riders looking to explore their surroundings with ease.

The Roam scooter offers a seamless transition from walking to riding. With a simple push-off, step onto the wide and long platform, and twist the throttle to start cruising. When it's time to stop, just slow down and step off as the scooter comes to a halt. The Roam allows for effortless maneuverability, making it convenient to walk when necessary and mount the scooter again whenever you're ready to ride.

Equipped with a rear rack and front cargo basket, the Roam can accommodate plenty of cargo for your outdoor expeditions. Whether you're embarking on a day trip or a longer adventure, this scooter has you covered. Moreover, the Roam's design allows riders to wear backpacks, hydration packs, or hip packs more comfortably than while riding a bicycle, providing maximum versatility. It's the perfect e-powered tool for embracing the great outdoors.

The Roam boasts a powerful 750 Watt rear hub drive, delivering immediate power response and enabling speeds of up to 25 mph. With its 48-volt, 17.5 amp-hour, 840-watt-hour battery, the Roam offers a remarkable 1-2+ hour ride time range (up to 20-30 miles), depending on factors such as speed, payload, and terrain. The scooter's ability to switch between five different speed modes ensures that riders can choose the perfect setting to match their desired pace and comfort level.

The Roam features an easy-to-read LCD display that provides essential information such as speed, distance traveled, and remaining battery life. This display allows riders to stay informed and plan their trips accordingly. The right-hand grip twist throttle provides immediate power response, ensuring a smooth and responsive ride. The large riding platform offers stability over rough terrain, making it effortless to navigate with hiking shoes or boots.

Additionally, the Roam comes with essential accessories, including a front cargo basket, rear rack, and fenders. These features enhance the scooter's utility and practicality, allowing riders to carry their gear securely and comfortably. The foldable hinged steering column facilitates easy transport and storage, making it convenient to bring the Roam along on any adventure.

The PWR Roam scooter is a versatile and powerful companion for outdoor enthusiasts seeking adventure. Its smooth transition from walking to riding, ample cargo capacity, and long-lasting battery make it an excellent choice for those looking to explore their surroundings with ease. With impressive performance features, convenient accessories, and enhanced safety measures, the Roam scooter is designed to provide an enjoyable and practical riding experience. Embrace the outdoors and discover new horizons with the PWR Roam scooter.

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