Pro Traveler Condor 100 Multi Voltage Power Pack

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Title: Grey Battery Pack

Grey Battery Pack

Take your electronic devices to new heights with the Condor 100 Multi-Voltage Power Pack. Engineered to deliver reliable power in any situation, this versatile powerhouse ensures you never run out of battery on your adventures. With its massive 27000mAh capacity and multiple charging options, the Condor 100 is the perfect companion for charging laptops, cameras, smartphones, and a wide range of 5 to 20V devices.

Unleash the Power of Versatility: Equipped with a pure sine wave AC port, the Condor 100 allows you to plug in your device's mains charger, providing a stable power source. Say goodbye to low battery anxiety and keep your essential devices running smoothly. Whether it's your laptop, camera, or smartphone, this power pack has you covered.

Massive Battery Capacity: With its impressive 27000mAh battery, the Condor 100 offers extended power to keep your devices charged throughout your adventures. No more worrying about finding an outlet or running out of battery in the middle of nowhere. Stay connected and capture every moment with confidence.

Multiple Charging Options: Experience true convenience with the Condor 100's bi-directional USB-C port, dual USB ports, and AC outlet. Charge multiple devices simultaneously and adapt to various charging requirements. From smartphones to tablets, cameras to laptops, this power pack supports them all.

Built for Adventure: Designed with durability in mind, the Condor 100 is built to withstand rugged environments. Its robust construction ensures it can handle the demands of outdoor adventures, from hiking trails to camping trips. Take it with you wherever you go and stay powered up no matter the conditions.

Embrace uninterrupted adventure with the Condor 100 Multi-Voltage Power Pack. Experience the freedom of charging your devices on the go, from laptops to smartphones and everything in between.

  • Power pack with 27000mAh/98Wh
  • 1x AC output: 110V/AC/60Hz 75W Max
  • 1x USB-C input/output: PD 5 - 20V 60W Max
  • 1x USB output: 5V/2.4A
  • 1x USB output: 5V/3A Quick Charge
  • 4 LED battery charge indicator
  • Waterproof and dustproof to IP65 rating
  • Rugged design
  • Weight: 800g / 1.8lbs
  • Size: 172mm x 85.5mm x 85.5mm