Black Bottle of Muc-Off eBike Wet Lube

Muc-Off eBike Wet Lube

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Title: 50ml

Introducing Muc-Off eBike Wet Lube, the ultimate lubricant for eBike drivetrains in wet and extreme weather conditions. Specially formulated for electric-assist systems, this wet lube provides outstanding lubrication and protection for optimal performance.

Muc-Off eBike Wet Lube is designed to withstand the high torque and power output of eBikes, ensuring smooth and efficient operation of your drivetrain. Its durable formula creates a long-lasting protective layer that reduces friction, minimizes wear, and repels water and mud.

This specialized wet lube is perfect for eBike riders who venture out in wet, muddy, and challenging conditions. It provides excellent resistance against water, moisture, and dirt, preventing them from penetrating your drivetrain and causing damage.

Applying Muc-Off eBike Wet Lube is quick and easy. Simply shake the bottle, then apply a thin layer to your eBike's chain and other drivetrain components. The lube's viscosity allows it to penetrate deep into the chain's links and rollers, providing long-lasting lubrication and protection.

Muc-Off eBike Wet Lube ensures your eBike's drivetrain stays smooth, quiet, and efficient, no matter the weather or terrain. It reduces friction, enhances shifting performance, and extends the lifespan of your drivetrain components.

Choose Muc-Off eBike Wet Lube for unbeatable performance and protection in wet conditions. Keep your eBike's drivetrain running at its best and enjoy a reliable and efficient ride every time. Trust Muc-Off, the leaders in bike care, to provide you with the highest-quality products for your eBike maintenance needs.
  • Ceramic formula with eBike specific additive to withstand higher torque loads
  • Contains Boron Nitride and Ceramic compounds for durability and ultra-low friction
  • Waterproof - excels in wet conditions
  • Biodegradable: 90% organic
  • UV tracer dye to aid in accurate application
Lube Type Wet