C2 Hammock Strap Kit

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Title: 2 Count

2 Count

Elevate your hammocking experience with C2 Hammock Strap Kits. Designed for outdoor relaxation, these durable straps are the perfect companion for your hammock. With easy setup, adjustable features, and a commitment to Leave No Trace principles, C2 Hammock Strap Kits will enhance your outdoor adventures.

Crafted for Strength and Durability: Made with high-quality webbing and reinforced stitching, C2 Hammock Strap Kits provide reliable support for your hammock. Rest assured knowing your hammock is securely suspended, allowing you to relax with confidence.

Effortless Setup, Hassle-Free Enjoyment: With a user-friendly design, these straps are quick and easy to install. Simply wrap them around trees or anchor points, adjust the length to your preference, and secure them in place. Spend less time setting up and more time enjoying the outdoors.

Adjustable and Versatile: Find the perfect hang every time with the adjustable features of C2 Hammock Strap Kits. The multiple attachment points along the straps allow for flexibility in positioning your hammock. Customize your setup for optimal comfort.

Leave No Trace: Peregrine is dedicated to preserving nature. The Hammock Strap Kits are designed with Leave No Trace principles in mind, minimizing impact on trees and the environment. The wide straps distribute weight evenly, protecting tree bark while ensuring responsible outdoor enjoyment.

Portable and Compact: Ready for any adventure, Peregrine Hammock Strap Kits are lightweight and easily packable. Take them with you on camping trips, backpacking excursions, or any outdoor journey. Set up your hammock wherever you go.

  • Weight C2: 14.2 oz (402 g)
  • Total Length C2: 15 ft 9 in (480 cm)
  • Color: black w/ blue and gray stripes
  • Material: climbing grade 16mm nylon webbing
  • Rated to 22kn
  • Best Use: hammock suspension