Terra Scout Hemp Headlamp

Title: Front Headlight

Front Headlight

Prepare to conquer the night with the Terra Scout Hemp Headlamp. Designed for adventurers who seek reliable lighting solutions, this powerful headlamp is your trusted companion in the great outdoors. With its exceptional brightness, dependable performance, and convenient features, the Terra Scout H is your key to navigating the darkness with confidence.

Unleash Brightness: Experience the brilliance of 350 lumens piercing through the night, revealing every detail of your surroundings. The Terra Scout Hemp Headlamp delivers unmatched brightness, ensuring nothing escapes your sight. Whether you're hiking, camping, or exploring remote trails, this headlamp illuminates your path with unwavering clarity.

Dependable AAA Battery Power: Forget the hassle of specialized batteries. The Terra Scout Hemp runs on readily available AAA batteries, offering convenience and peace of mind. With dependable power, this headlamp keeps shining through your adventures, allowing you to focus on the thrill of the night without interruption.

Versatile Lighting Modes: Adaptability is key in the outdoors, and the Terra Scout Hemp understands that. With multiple lighting modes, including both a focused beam and a wide-angle floodlight, this headlamp lets you choose the perfect illumination for your needs. Adjust the lighting mode to match your activity, ensuring optimal visibility in any situation.

Durable and Adventure-Ready: Built for the rugged outdoors, the Terra Scout Hemp Headlamp is designed to withstand the demands of your adventures. Its durable construction can handle bumps, drops, and inclement weather conditions. Explore with confidence, knowing your headlamp can withstand the challenges of the wild.

Comfortable and Adjustable Fit: Comfort is paramount, especially during extended use. The Terra Scout Hemp features an adjustable headband that provides a secure and personalized fit. Lightweight and ergonomic, this headlamp stays comfortable on your head, allowing you to focus on the excitement of your nighttime pursuits.

Embrace the power of light with the Terra Scout Hemp Headlamp. Illuminate your path, defy the dark, and unleash your outdoor spirit with confidence.

  • 350 lumen light output
  • Made from hemp and 100% recycled plastics
  • Hybrid technology – compatible with both Silva rechargeable battery and standard AAA batteries
  • Rechargeable Silva Hybrid Battery 1.25 Ah (4.6 Wh) included
  • Silva Intelligent Light – combining long reach spot light and close flood light
  • Comfortable fit – thanks to low weight and the wide headband
  • Night vision mode – the red light mode preserves your night vision
  • Battery level indicator – informs about the remaining charge level when turned off
  • Large on/off button – easy to operate also when wearing gloves
  • Water-resistant – headlamp and battery pack meet IPX5 standard
Battery Type USB rechargeable
Light Type LED
Output 350 lumens
Rechargeable Yes
Position Front
Bracket No

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