PWR Epowered Water

PWR offers unique epowered jet propulsion systems for use with inflatable or hard-body personal watercraft. 100% battery operated, easy to install, safe for use by all.
We know there’s few better satisfactions than finding solitude on the water. Gliding across a glassine lake, paddling from cove to cove, or meandering your way down a flowing river is what you live for. PWR increases your enjoyment on the water by reducing your exertion so you can focus on the new-found pristine surroundings. 

PWR uses the latest battery powered jet propulsion personal watercraft systems to help you escape the crowds and find your new playground. These versatile systems can easily be added to most any inflatable or hard-body personal watercraft or SUP. No need to take them to the boat shop for installation. Our systems were all developed to be easily installed with minimal tools in just a few minutes at home or on the shoreline.
Water Accessories