Roam Overland Packages

Roam Overland Packages

Not sure if the Roam is right for you? 
To celebrate the launch of our brand new Escooter we are offering a FREE Roam Overland Package with the purchase of a Roam. These packages are the perfect way to get you started and save you money! Packages include up to $300 in savings. 



Roam Starter Package 

New to the Escooter game and don't know where to start? The starter package has got you covered, equipping you with everything to embark on your first adventure. With essential safety items, convenient maintenance tools, and even a phone holder, this package ensures you feel at ease as you prepare for your first trip. 
Package Includes: Roam, Lezyne Macro Floor Pump, Foldylock Clipster Lock, Omni Holder Pro (Hefty+) and Bern Brentwood 2.0 Helmet. 
WAS $2,762.97 
NOW $2,499.99

Roam Backcountry Package

Equipped with 4-inch wide heavily treaded tires, the Roam can effortlessly handle even the toughest terrains. With the Backcountry package, you're guaranteed to have all the essentials to take your adventure to the next level and expand your playground like never before. 
Package Includes:  Roam, Evoc Hip Pouch Pro E-Ride 3, Evo NiteBright Headlight, Evo Cargo Keeper, Ultimate Cup Holder, and Evo Pannier Set 
WAS $2,756.96 
NOW $2,499.99

Roam Site Seeing Package 

Exploring uncharted lands means venturing off the beaten path, but loud engines can startle animals and your feet have limitations. The Roam's quiet operation, steady ride, and ample cargo space allow you to fully immerse yourself in nature without the threat of disturbing the peace and missing the picture. 
Package includes: Roam, Evoc CP 18L Lightweight Photography Backpack, Scoutplus Compact Binoculars, and Omni Holder Pro 
WAS $2,847.99
NOW $2,499.99

Roam Fishing Package

With the speed and range of an Ebike but the convenience of a Scooter, the Roam makes finding your hidden fishing hole easier than ever. Whether you're angling or fly fishing, the Roam is equipped with ample cargo space to get you there and bring your catch home. 
Package includes: Roam, Evoc Hip Pouch Pro E-Ride 3, Ultimate Cup Holder, Evo Insulated Trunk Bicycle Bag, and Peregrine Tough Dry Sack 24L. 

WAS $2,714.97
NOW $2,499.99

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