Supercharge Your Winter Fun with a Dually

For recreational and commuter cyclists alike, winter used to mean a seasonal end to two-wheeled fun, but that’s not the case anymore. There’s no reason to give up on good times and physical fitness just because it’s cold and slippery outside. With the introduction of the PWR Dually e-bike, things have gotten even better!

The PWR Dually is a high-tech e-bike built to provide extra float and traction when venturing out in white, wintery fluff and ice. The comfortable handling and super grippy tires let you embrace winter and enjoy a whole new outlook on riding bikes. Suddenly, biking in the snow may seem more like a welcome challenge than an obstacle to be avoided...

man biking PWR Dually ebike in snow with skis loaded on bike

What makes the PWR Dually a capable winter “vehicle?”

Unlike standard e-bikes, the PWR Dually is equipped with the vehicle-equivalent of All-Wheel Drive, which is ideal for “driving your bike” in the snow. The Dually uses a unique drive system that powers both the front and rear wheels to increase handling and control, particularly in loose conditions like sand, gravel, mud, steep, rugged terrain...and snow! The secret is having front and rear hub motors that drive both wheels. It’s all-wheel drive for your bike. 

Unlike standard e-bikes, the PWR Dually is equipped with traction control. Complementing the All-Wheel Drive system, the PWR Dually takes bike performance to the next level with its traction control system that diverts power from the tire that’s slipping to the tire that’s gripping. By reducing tire slip, traction control provides amazing handling so you can ride with confidence in wet and snowy conditions.

PWR Dually's power on demand capability provides added drive when things get tough. Soft snow can sometimes rob power and momentum bringing even the fittest of riders to a grinding halt. With the additional boost of the twist grip throttle delivering torque to the wheels, you’ll be able to power through conditions that would have an elite athlete walking through the snow.

Finally, with its Regenerative Braking System, the Dually's feel more comfortable on downhills in the snow. Why? While we all realize regenerative braking can improve the range of your e-bike battery, regenerative braking slows you down a bit on downhills, and works like downshifting in a car. With the Dually, you can avoid riding your brakes all the way down a hill, because regenerative braking will do a lot of the work for you. 

man with PWR Dually bike in the snow

E-biking In the wintertime and snow is possible–even enjoyable– with a Dually

For these reasons, the Dually not only keeps you riding all winter, it decreases your exertion level biking in snow by assisting your pedaling during what would otherwise be really intense efforts. The resulting effect is that you can better meter out your power and keep pedaling without overheating. The boost from the motor can help prevent you from getting all sweaty and wet, and in turn, help keep you from then getting cold because you’re damp. It might seem strange to some, but an electric bike really can help you stay warm and dry in the cold while still providing a fun exercise outlet and way to get around. 

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