PWR Your Adventures with a Dually

It’s time to level up on your after work and weekend adventures with your PWR Dually. Accessing the outdoors via your bike instead of your car on the weekend is a great way to one-up your colleagues when you gather ‘round the water cooler (er, #water-cooler Slack channel) to swap stories on Monday morning. 

Imagine riding to the lake with your SUP in tow… or powering up a steep hill to access a trailhead … or towing a cooler full of deer meat home after a trip into the backcountry…  Well, leave your road bike and its feeble skinny tires at home. Because this is what the Dually was born to do.

Why The PWR Dually Is The Only Bike You Need For Recreation

Fishing on a rocky PWR Bike Dually in background with cargo trailer bike attachment

Born to adventure, the PWR Dually is optimized for the outdoors. You’ll be amazed at the places you can go with relative ease. Dirt trails and backcountry treks won’t phase this pedal-assisted bike, and you can easily add power when you want to go farther and faster. 

The PWR Dually’s stable handling, plush knobby tires, and comfortable saddle will give you confidence, a new sense of freedom, and you can add a little extra boost when you need it. With stable handling on and off road, you’ll feel as comfortable floating over bumpy terrain as you do cruising in the paved bike lane. 

The PWR Dually uses a unique, two-wheel drive system that powers both the front and rear wheels to greatly increase traction and control, which is particularly advantageous on sandy, gravely, muddy and/or steep and rugged terrain. The secret is having front and rear hub motors that drive both wheels. It’s like all-wheel drive for your bike and the PWR Dually takes it a step further with it’s traction control system that diverts power to the wheel with more grip to provide secure performance. 

Tips For Adventuring Well On Your PWR Dually

With these tips from us on how to prepare for your first PWR Dually-powered adventure, all you need to decide is what to do and where to go next! 

  • Recreate responsibly and check federal, state and local regulations: The good news is that the regulatory burden on e-bikes is fading as they become more widely accepted. But, there are still limitations to where you can go on your PWR Dually. According to this article by Outside magazine, the bike industry has been pushing hard, particularly at the state and federal level, for more off-pavement e-bike access. Here’s a comprehensive resource w for parsing out the complexities around where you can take your PWR Dually in the outdoors.

Hunter Outdoorsmen in the background PWR Dually e-bike in the foreground

  • Leave home on a full charge. Nothing will turn type 1 fun into type 2 fun like running out of juice before making it all the way home from your adventure. You’re tired, satisfied and ready for a good meal when you realize you’re about to bike all the way home without your pedal assist. Lucky for you, the PWR Dually beats the competition, taking you up to a whopping 45 miles from home.
  • Get a set of studded snow tires. If you live somewhere that’s buried in snow half the year, love skiing, hunting, or backcountry snow sports, snow tires are going to open a world of possibility for you. Ditch your noisy, gas guzzling snowmobile, and check out where you can go with your capable PWR Dually.
  • Have a plan, or not. The great thing about the PWR Dually is it’s well-equipped to go just about anywhere. You may have a great loop or destination that you want to check out and even trickle in some bonus side routes – bike path, dirt roads, mellow trails, or a combination of all three. But with the PWR Dually's up to 45-mile range and throttle, you certainly don’t need a plan if you just want to jump on and ride. You have the freedom to explore with the confidence that you can always make it home. 
  • Bring a friend. The PWR Dually makes riding so accessible that you’ll be telling your friends and family about it. And one way to make an adventure even better is sharing the ride with them. It’ll be twice the fun! Before you know it, your crew will be meeting up every week to find a new place to explore. 

That’s it! Your PWR Dually is optimized to take you far into the great outdoors, comfortably and quickly! Are you ready? 

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