This Bike Is Made For Commuting

Switching to bike commuting from driving is supposedly one of the easiest life changes we can make to improve our health, reduce our carbon footprint, and save money. More and more people are choosing to ride a bike as their primary form of transportation for these reasons. Yet, in spite of believing bike commuting is good for you, good for the planet, and good for the wallet, many of us still opt to drive our cars…so why do we keep driving, and why is it so hard to make the switch bike commuting? 

Bike Commuting: Why Switching from Driving Is Hard

Bike commuting everyday simply isn’t as convenient and comfortable as it’s made out to be. Don’t get us wrong. Biking around town instead of driving can certainly be fun, but let’s be real, “fun” just isn’t enough to get you over this hump of meaning to ride your bike versus actually riding your bike… or it would have happened already! When it comes down to what’s keeping your bike in the garage and your car on the road and not biking as often as we’d like to, it likely comes down to one of these reasons:  

  1. This Pesky Thing Called ‘Cognitive Dissonance’ 

The overarching reason most of us keep driving instead of biking is that we all deal with this thing called “cognitive dissonance” to some degree, which is a fancy way of saying we do things we wish we didn’t. Unfortunately, our behavior just doesn’t always align with our values! 

… As you put your key in the ignition and pulled out of the driveway in your car, did that annoying, virtuous voice in your head tell you what a bad person you are!? Well, if that’s the case, you’re not alone. And why aren’t you alone? Because we humans tend to act in our own self interest. If biking to the store isn’t dead easy – as easy as turning the key to the ignition in your comfy, familiar, warm, fast car, which you’ve been programmed to do for years – guess what!? – you are way less likely to do it.  

  1. You Don’t Have a Bike That You Love, Like Really Love 

You really need to get the best bike you can for commuting, a bike you will look forward to riding, a bike you are confident and enjoy riding. A bike that you love. Yeah, it may sound corny, but it’s true. You will ride a bike that you love and look forward to riding much more than a regular bike that’s been hanging around gathering dust in your garage.

PWR Dually e-bike on a rocky beach

  1. It’s Too Cold, Too Windy, Too Hot, or Too Wet!

Biking is uncomfortable… Who really wants to jump on their bike early on a cold, misty morning when it’s only 45 degrees outside? (Ok hardcore commuters...this article isn’t for you!) … Or arrive to work super sweaty, biking on a hot, cloudless 80-degree day with the sun scorching down on you?

  1. You Procrastinated, and It’s Too Late to Ride Your Bike… 

Half the time, you probably aren’t prepared to ride your bike. At the last minute, you choose to drive because even though you meant to have everything ready to go, something came up, and now you just need to get to the store right away! … and once again, despite your best intentions… driving suddenly becomes the optimal means of transportation. 

  1. It Requires Physical Exertion… 

What more is there to say? Sitting on your butt in your comfy car and gently pressing your foot on the gas is just way easier than biking! We like doing things that are easy and comfortable. Not things that get our heart rate up, especially on your way to work!

  1. Biking Limits Your Potential… 

If you bike, you might not go to the gym, or stop by your friend’s house, or run an extra errand. Believe it or not, choosing to bike limits your potential. If you harbor any belief that by biking, you won’t reach your potential, you’re going to drive. 

Why the Dually Is The Perfect Solution to Riding Your Bike Way More

So that’s a lot of reasons why you might not bike more often. Who could blame you? Luckily, there’s a solution for these issues keeping your bike in the garage: e-bikes!

Riding an e-bike is faster than a regular bike, meaning less time spent biking in uncomfortably hot or cold conditions. E-bikes allow you more time to get to the store at the last minute, and make it much easier to ride longer distances, ascend hills, and make more stops throughout the day. 

Man riding PWR Dually e-bike on an autumn day

Once you have an e-bike like the PWR Dually, you will be completely hooked. It’s so fun, it’s addictive. You’ll be riding a bike that makes you feel safe, and a bike you feel proud of and really love because it's so comfortable, and gives you so much control, you will want to take the long way home. You’ll spend less time in less than ideal biking weather because you are moving faster. If you’re dashing out the door at the last minute, no worries because with a twist grip throttle up to 28 mph you’ll be able to get where you are going just about as quickly as a car, plus, get back the time you would spend looking for a parking spot. The Dually’s extra power also means less sweat to get to where you’re going, and less physical exertion, but enough to still boost your mental and physical health, help you feel more focused and alert, and help you wind down after work. Finally, the Dually isn’t going to limit where you want to go. It has the range to take you all over the place, to add in a few unplanned stops without a headache.

E-bikes are a no brainer. If you’re someone who means to bike more, we recommend you try an e-bike. Fast, convenient, easy to use, e-bikes are the way of the future. With an e-bike, you are  more likely to bike more often and more places, which is a big win for you, for the planet, for your wallet, and for your busy schedule.

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