Outfitting The Dually For Adventure

The PWR Dually is one of the most capable ebikes available. It’s built for long adventures over just about any terrain you can find. Part of the journey is making sure to bring all your gear and necessities along for the ride. Effectively and comfortably carrying your outdoor gear requires a method complimented with quality packs and bags. 

Rear Rack

The rear rack is the backbone of a high capacity pack system. Adding a rack to your Dually is a must if your plan is to carry extra gear on your adventures. A rear rack will allow you to use a wide assortment of packs and bags, in any combination that best fits your needs. A rear rack can also allow for creatively carrying gear like a fishing rod, compound bow, or anything else that can be tied down securely to the platform or side rails. The PWR Utilirack is our favorite for general use and only takes about 15 minutes to install on your Dually.

Trunk Bag


Trunk bags are one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to add cargo space to your Dually. Trunk bags attach to the top platform of a rear rack and usually include a main pocket accessed through a top opening in addition to side pockets for smaller items. Trunk bags double as sling packs and are intended to be easily installed and removed. This makes it simple to take your valuables with you when parked at the trailhead, hiking half dome, or finding that cool waterfall off the beaten path.

Pannier Bags

Pannier bags provide the ultimate amount of space to pack and protect your clothing and equipment while exploring. Usually waterproof or water resistant, pannier bags like the Evo Pannier set generally offer a large main compartment ideal for packing clothes, shoes, tent and sleeping bag, and camp cookware. They should also feature smaller satellite pockets and mesh pockets for easy access to commonly needed items. (Life Hack Alert! Mesh pockets are great for drying out wet clothing items and gloves while riding to your next camp)

Handlebar Bag

“I use the quick release handlebar bag on nearly every ride. It's easy to toss all my random stuff in there like hat, keys, wallet, phone, some food and even an extra water bottle. It’s easily my favorite bag to use with my Dually.” says Matt, Product Manager - PWR. Enough said.

Adventure Seat Bag

Adventure style seat bags have become very popular the past few years, and for good reason. They often offer a large capacity main pocket that holds much more than most assume from it’s appearance. Think about all that ice cream you stuff into the bottom of a waffle cone. This bag is kinda like that waffle cone, instead for your bike gear and not as tasty.  With nearly 15 liters of capacity, the Evo Adventure acts like a day pack attached to your seat post. It also features an external bungee grid to tie down a spare jacket, sandals, your favorite trucker hat, or anything else you need to haul along for the journey.

Cargo Trailer (Coming Soon!)


Whoops! Spoiler alert! Keep an eye out for the new PWR cargo trailer dropping later this fall. 

Point of the story folks, your Dually can carry all you gear in various ways. Due to the innovative all wheel drive traction control and dual 500 watt hub motors, you’ll barely feel the extra weight. So, find the pack system that best fits your next adventure and gear up! That hidden waterfall isn’t going to find itself!


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