Everything You Need for a Fun Family E-Bike Adventure

Picture this: The weather forecast for Saturday afternoon is crisp, sunny, and dry. What does that mean? That means it’s a great time to explore your local bike path system with your family like you’ve always wanted to. With its best in class power output and unique drive systems, the PWR Dually makes biking as a family with young children an inclusive activity that’s fun for everyone. In order to have a fantastic time, we suggest you prepare for your excursion in the following ways. 

Why a PWR Dually is the Best Bike for Family Outings

The PWR Dually can transport you and your family on your weekend bike outings. Why? 

  1. The PWR Dually uses a unique, two-wheel drive system that powers both the front and rear wheels to increase traction and control, particularly in loose conditions like sand, gravel, and mud, and steep and rugged terrain. The secret is having front and rear hub motors that drive both wheels. With PWR Dually's unique drive system which functions just like an AWD car, you will feel just as safe riding rugged, bumpy terrain with your kids in tow as you do cruising along the paved bike paths. 

towig kids in a cargo trailer on the PWR dually e-bike

  1. With PWR Dually's regenerative braking system, you’ll feel comfortable on steep descents with kids in tow. Why? While we all realize regenerative braking can improve the range of your eBike battery, regenerative braking also has a similar effect to downshifting and “engine braking” in a regular vehicle.Regenerative braking puts the e-bike motors into a mode which allows it to act like an alternator and pump electricity back into the battery. When doing so, it's doing work, and that work (energy) has decelerative forces that will cause drag and essentially slow you down, without using your brakes at all, increasing the life of your brake pads, and improving the battery range.
  2. The PWR Dually has best in class power output. Its two 500W motors + throttle up to 28 mph makes biking uphill and towing cargo a breeze. 
  3. With a range of up to 45 miles, you have the freedom to go further than many other e-bikes out there.
  4. There are numerous accessories available to equip the PWR Dually e-bike for your specific needs. Bike racks, trailers, kids seats, baskets, bike locks, and SUP mounts are just a few things to help you bring along everything you need. 

biking with SUP board in tow on an e-bike PWR dually e-bike

How to Prepare for Your Ride 

  • First things first, charge up your PWR Dually

    Make sure you leave the house with a full battery so you’re confident going farther. Charging your PWR Dually is easy! Familiarize yourself with charging your PWR Dually in your owner’s manual.

    • Perform a Standard Maintenance Check: 

      Make sure everything on your bike is ready to ride and by checking the ‘ABCs’ of taking care of your bike.’ A means making sure there is enough air in the tires, B means having brakes that you know work, and C means that your chain is in good working condition and in the right place. Safety first!

      HOT TIP: When you’re doing bike maintenance, get your kids involved. Tuning up your Dually is a great learning experience for your kids. The earlier kids understand and feel comfortable maintaining and riding a bike, the better off they’ll be.

      • Attach Your Cargo Trailer: 

        We like the Burley Bike Trailer for Kids which is spacious enough for kiddos, plus, this trailer has suspension, so your kids will be comfortable when you fly over rugged terrain on your PWR Dually. Alternatively or additionally, attach a child bike seat to your PWR Dually like the frame mounted Shotgun seat for kids.

        • Attach a Front Basket:

        Get the right basket for your bike with this nifty list of the Best Bike Baskets of 2020 from Bicycling magazine. You’ll want to have extra space to bring your lunch, have a convenient spot for your bike lock, and of course to be able to bring along refreshing beverages!

        • Plan Your Route:

        When taking the family out, we recommend doing a little research in advance on how to get to where you’re going. You can bike most safely when you are familiar with where to navigate. Try using the bike feature in Google and Apple Maps on your smartphone, download any bike trail maps you’ll need, mount your smartphone on your handlebars, and hit the road! 

        HOT TIP: We like to load directions to where we’re going by bike in Google Maps, start the navigation, and maximize the volume of your route guide. This way, if you make a wrong turn, you’ll get live feedback on correcting your course, that you can hear, without needing to look down at your phone. With Google Maps, you can even download maps to use offline if you plan to head out of cell range. 

        woman on PWR Dually e-bike biking with tow trailer

        What to Bring

        Aside from bringing your PWR Dually of course, we recommend you bring…

        1. Windbreaker. This is a great layer to have in case it gets breezy or rains, and will keep you comfortable when you’re flying fast on your Dually
        2. Picnic Blanket. We like this one from ENO because it packs up easily, and even better, you can stake it down. 
        3. Packable Soft Cooler. For lunch and refreshing drinks, a packable soft cooler like this one is perfect. A frozen water bottle works well to keep everything cold and you end up with a refreshingly cool drink later. 
        4. Parks Pass. If you’re heading to an area with restricted access, don’t forget your pass! If you have a national parks pass (yes, you can now take your Dually to national parks!), a state parks pass, or anything else like this you think you’ll need, make sure you grab it before you head out to avoid paying additional fees. 
        5. Suncreen, etc. Don’t forget things like sunscreen, insect repellent, a trash bag, and toilet paper (baby wipes are great) – just in case! 

        That’s it! Now you’re ready to go explore trails, beaches, and state parks with your fun-loving family, safely and effortlessly on your PWR Dually.

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