E-Battery Recycling - Protect the Outdoor Spaces We All Enjoy

One day, your e-bike battery will reach its end of life. By partnering with Call2Recycle, our goal is to help protect the outdoor spaces that we enjoy. 

Citing the US EPA, "Li-ion batteries are made of materials such as cobalt, graphite and lithium which are considered critical minerals. Critical minerals are raw materials that are economically and strategically important to the U.S., have a high risk of their supply being disrupted, and for which there are no easy substitutes. When these batteries are disposed of in the trash, we lose these critical resources outright."  Losing these critically important resources would result in more extensive efforts to discover and mine these materials.  Additionally, these materials can cause groundwater pollution if not taken care of correctly.

PWR is a proud member of the first industry-wide e-bike battery recycling program, administered by Call2Recycle, the largest, most reliable battery recycling program in the U.S., and endorsed by People For Bikes, a national bicycling advocacy organization and the bicycle industry’s trade association. PWR has united with more than 40 bike industry leaders to voluntarily support this first of its kind, nationwide initiative to ensure batteries are safely and responsibly managed at their end-of-life.

Visit Call2Recycle.org to learn more. To find Recycling locations visit Where To Recycle to find a location near you.

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