Everything You Need To Know To Get Started with Your Dually

Dually School Is In Session

Are you a new PWR Dually owner? This article will ensure you set up your bike properly and get you going so you can have a fun, safe and memorable first trip of many trips on your Dually. Let's get to it.

5 Things to do Before your Dually Arrives

You’ve ordered your Dually, and you’re eagerly waiting for it to arrive. Here's a couple of things you can do in the meantime to prepare for the big (literally) arrival. 

1. Go get a high-volume bike tire pump (ideal for fat tires), bicycle grease (we recommend Muc-Off USA Bio Grease), some chain lube like Muc-Off Dry chain lube, and a good set of scissors or cable cutters. Have these on hand and assembly will go even more smoothly. It's also wise to pick up a replacement tube for 4.0" tires. Along with your replacement tube, a multi-tool that has a T25 Torx® wrench like this one and hand pump makes for a decent basic bike troubleshooting kit for on the go incase you run into trouble. 

2. Who will help you set up your Dually? It's possible to set up the Dually yourself, but it's easier and more fun with a partner. 


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3. Download the manuals you'll want to get started with building and riding your Dually: owner's manual, assembly manual, electric assist manual, and battery charging manual.

4. Subscribe to the PWR Bike YouTube channel. We posted a complete walk-through video demonstrating exactly how to set up your Dually, step by step. 

5. Find a home for your Dually. Where will it go when you aren't riding it? Where will your charge it? We don't recommend keeping the Dually outside and it's a good idea to store your battery inside the house (not even in the garage if you live in cold temperatures) to keep it working properly for years. 


Watch the Dually assembly video on YouTube


5 Things to do When Your Dually Arrives

Great news you got your Dually! Here's what to do now. 

1. Inspect your Dually and contact us if anything was damaged in shipping.

2. We have tips for unboxing your Dually. Before you unbox it, we recommend watching the demo assembly video on our YouTube channel and reading the section on unboxing your Dually in your assembly manual

3. Fully charge the battery. It takes about 4-6 hours to charge a fully depleted battery. Your battery is likely to be about 50% charged.

4. Adjust your bike for the best fit by consulting the bike fit section of your owner's manual. A proper bike fit will make riding safer, more efficient, and more fun.

5. Once your Dually is built, go for a test ride in a safe environment away from vehicle traffic to adjust to riding it. 

This concludes all of the essential getting started information you need for the best experience riding your Dually!

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